• Simply grateful...for people like you. Thank you so much for your assistance and support. We were blessed with a beautiful bay girl. We couldn't have done it without you all and are thrilled to have our baby in our lives :

    Dr. Cepeda & Team
  • Thank you so very much! This is a small note to say a very big thank you for all you did for us a few weeks ago! We can't express how appreciative we were that you took such good car of us and made the time to deal with our situation before we went on our trip.It was truly one of the most difficult things we have been through, but you caring and empathetic nature made it that much easier.

    Dr. Cepeda (& all your wonderfull staff!)
  • Thank you! Just wanted to say thank you so very much for being an amazing doctor and for helping achieve our dream. Thank you for being understanding and compassionate through all of the up and downs. Also, thank you for looking after me for so many weeks. It truly meant a lot!

    Dr Cepeda
  • Thank you Sending 'thanks' your way for all your help and encouragement…and to let you know how much you support meant. I am sure you have heard it all before about how you've changed the lives of couples experiencing fertility problems and made their dreams come true. You all have certainly done this for both. We feel that we could say thank you a million times, but it would never be enough! You all became a part of our lives for many months and now you have become part of our family. From the smiles I always encountered so early in the mornings, to the care, concern and respect that we both always received, to the constant support and best wishes from the entire staff. A very special thank you to Dr Cepeda who never gave up on us or let us give up on ourselves. We are eternally grateful for everything everyone did to help us achieve our dream. You all do an amazing job every single day, never forget that because we never will!

    Dr Cepeda & all my girls at HART
  • Dr. Cepeda and his staff are wonderful, warm, caring people. The Care they gave me was outstanding and I am thankful every day that I chose this clinic. Thanks to all of their dedication, I have a wonderful son!

    C. V
  • We both wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you give at the clinic. It was an emotional time for us, that was made so much easier by the entire staff. Your kindness and how personal you make each person/case is what stands you out from the rest. Regardless of our outcome we are so appreciative for all your great work, service and compassion.

    N.A and K.A
  • You are all wonderful and supportive people and we hope you all realized what an impact you have on a "fertility patients" life. You show genuine interest and friendliness towards all and are extremely knowledgeable. Remember, you make a huge difference in the lives of many!

  • Dr. Cepeda and Ladies,

    We cannot put into words how grateful we are. We have been blessed with two of the most gorgeous babes. This blessing would not have happened without your help and kindness

    A.B and B.B

    Words can't describe how happy we are with the anticipation of meeting our little one. We feel truly blessed to have had all of you during this journey in our life. Your dedication and support was truly appreciated during this adventure. Dr. Cepeda, you are an amazing doctor and I always felt cared for and heard during this journey. Your nurturing and kind personality is what made me trust in the success of this adventure. Thank you all for always making me feel comfortable and organized. Again thank you to all of you. You are truly a fantastic bunch!

    A.E and M.E
  • Dr. Cepeda and Staff

    We would like to thank you all for your patience and kindness. We have endured a long journey to only have a happy and blessed ending. We welcomed our new baby girl and are so excited to finally become parents. Thank you for always being there and believing in something we thought was impossible. Are baby girl is proof that miracles can happen! Much thanks and much love.

    K.G and C.G
  • Dear Dr. Cepeda and Staff

    Thank you so very much for all you did to help create a family for us. We are full of so much gratitude and appreciation. We hope you know how important your roles are to people on days that you feel that you would rather be some place other than work, please try to think about all the people you're helping. People come to you with mixed emotions – despair, grief, reluctance, hope, anxiety. I was always greeted with enthusiasm and positive attitudes. A friendly reception is worth so much when you're feeling low.

    It was always our hope, plan and goal to have a family. Now we do, we feel complete and fulfilled. As you go through your day – booking appointments, taking blood, doing paper work, analyzing lab results…acknowledge that your day is much more than this – it is really about creating families and making dreams come true.