Acupuncture has been a trusted practice in China for over four thousand years but has just gained acceptance in the western medical community in the past few decades. Research suggests that acupuncture may be helpful for couples undergoing fertility treatment (IVF and IUI). Recent studies have shown that receiving acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer will result in higher rates of conception. If you wish to explore further with this practice, Dr. Cepeda will gladly work with your acupuncturist.

Research suggests the following:

- Electro-acupuncture increases blood flow to uterine and ovaries.

- It has had a significant reduction in gonadotropin dosage.

- Ovaries respond better to drugs, due to blood supply.

- The increase on blood flow calms mind, supports uterus and endocrine system.

- 42.5% pregnancy rate on patients with acupuncture vs. 26% pregnancy rate without acupuncture.

- Poor responders get equal chance as good ones.

- Ectopic and multiple rate is lower.

- Lowers contraction of uterus for IVF.