Diagnosis refers to the process of attempting to identify the cause of infertility or other medical concerns. Dr. Cepeda and the HART Fertility team use the highest quality of care to achieve the best possible solutions. It consists in having bloodwork and ultrasound done to monitor your hormone levels and your egg quality.

Blood Work
We count with the state of the art laboratory equipment onsite. Regular monitoring of hormone levels through blood tests is a valuable method of evaluating the pattern of normal hormonal fluctuations in the female cycle.

Ultrasounds are performed on a regular basis in order to assess the development of follicles (egg sacs) within the ovary. On day 3 of your cycle you will require a full bladder and will have both an abdominal (external) and a transvaginal (internal) ultrasound performed. All other cycle days will not require a full bladder and only a transvaginal scan will be done.